The Yard Skills portion of this program is committed to teaching you to actually drive a truck. Taking the knowledge that you learned in the Classroom, you are immediately able to put that information to use in the Yard.

Usually on your VERY FIRST DAY you will begin to learn about the trucks and begin backing.

Our Yard Trucks are Freightliner Daycabs specially selected because they have Automatic Transmission.

You will learn to shift when driving our 13 Speed Kenworths during Road Skills, but during the time in the Yard, we want you to be able to concentrate on BACKING -- Not worrying about using the clutch properly.

In Yard Skills you will cover the following:

  1. Vehicle Orientation
  2. Straight Line Backing
  3. Offset Straight Line Backing
  4. Coupling/Uncoupling
  5. Pre-Trip Inspection
  6. In Cab/SLABB
  7. Blindside Parallel Parking
  8. Sightside Parallel Parking
  9. Blindside Jackknife Parking
  10. Sightside Jackknife Parking
  11. Alley Docking/Backing to Dock Doors
  12. Serpentine Backing
  13. Sliding Tandems

There will be seven tests in Yard Skills.  You will be tested twice on Backing Skills, twice on Pre-Trip Inspection, twice on In Cab/SLABB, and once in Coupling and Uncoupling the trailer.

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