The Road Skills portion of this program combines everything you learn in the Classroom, and everything you learn in Yard Skills.

You begin your Road Skills in the parking lot, learning how to properly double clutch shift our 13 Speed Kenworth T-600.

From there it is out onto the Open Road.

In Road Skills you will cover the following:

  1. Putting truck into gear
  2. Double Clutching
  3. Using the Tachometer
  4. Upshifting
  5. Downshifting
  6. Using the Range Selector
  7. Stopping and Starting on a Grade
  8. Entry Onto 4 Lane Highway
  9. Exit From 4 Lane Highway
  10. Keeping Vehicle Centered in Lane
  11. Speed Control
  12. Spacing Control
  13. Using Mirrors
  14. Left Turns
  15. Right Turns
  16. Curves and Hills
  17. City Driving
  18. Night Driving
  19. Practice to take the State Driving Exam


At the conclusion of this course Licensed State Testers come TO OUR SITE to administer the State Commercial License test. 

There is no additional cost for up to three tries.

DCS Driving School Phone: (717) 586-9648
Driving Your Future (717) 586-9648