Day Classes
(Our Most Popular Choice)

One of our most important features: Only 8 students per class.
This means you get to learn how to drive a truck,
NOT stand around and watch others learn to drive a truck.
You get the attention you need and DESERVE
to help you become a safe driver.

Day classes are designed to teach you how to drive a truck as quickly as we safely can.

Our day classes are 5 weeks long and run
Monday through Friday from 8am until 4:30pm.


Evening Classes
(For our working students)

This allows you to continue to work while you go to school.

 With only 8 students per class you spend time DOING, not just watching.

Our evening classes are 8 weeks long and run
Monday through Friday from 5pm until 10pm.


No matter if it is the Day or Evening class you will spend the first 40 hours mostly in the classroom preparing to take and pass all of your permit exams including all of your endorsements for
Haz-mat, Double and Triple Combinations, Tankers, and Passenger.

But you aren't in the classroom the whole time.
The very first day (conditions permitting) you will be in the trucks,
learning about them and learning how to back them.

During the second 40 hours, time is split between the classroom and hands-on with the trucks learning to shift going forwards,
and to control the trailer when backing.

The remaining time is spent almost
exclusively outside, driving the trucks in the yard and on the road.

The total length of the class is 200 hours.
(Most trucking companies require 160 hours as a minimum)

Our classes feature 24 hours spent hands-on in the yard learning skills including backing, coupling and uncoupling, and pre-trip inspections.

You will receive 20 hours of driving instruction
behind the wheel of our Kenworth T-600 road trucks.


 Some schools will tell you that, "The Student gets 80 hours training with the truck."
That is how much time the ENTIRE CLASS gets "with the truck."
Much of that time will be spent watching someone else driving.
It does NOT mean that YOU will spend that much time actually driving.
Instead, ask how much time SPECIFICALLY you will get to drive the truck.
It will not be 80 hours at ANY school.

At the end, State Certified Testers will administer your
Pennsylvania State Driving Test ON-SITE.

Day classes begin approximately every five weeks.

Evening classes begin approximately every eight weeks.

All classes fill quickly,
usually well in advance.

DCS Driving School Phone: (717) 586-9648
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