DCS School of Driving is a Private Trade School, operating under license of Pennsylvania Department of Education, State Board of Private Licensed Schools.

DCS School of Driving admits, trains, and refers students without
regard to race, color, sex or national origin.


Simply Put:    We will teach you how to drive a truck.

Upon completion of the DCS School of Driving program, students will be ready to obtain their Class A Commercial Drivers License and begin working as an Entry Level Truck Driver.

This will be done through the completion of 14 objectives:

  1. Identify the major components of a tractor trailer.
  2. Locate and use controls found on a tractor trailer.
  3. Conduct comprehensive pre-, post-, and during trip inspections.
  4. Drive, shift, and steer a tractor trailer.
  5. Safely back a tractor trailer in various settings.
  6. Properly and safely couple and uncouple a trailer and slide trailer tandems as needed.
  7. Conduct a visual search of the roadway for potential hazards and take defensive measures to avoid such hazards.
  8. Communicate with other drivers on the road using widely accepted signals.
  9. Properly manage speed and space for maximum safety while driving a tractor trailer.
  10. Safely operate a tractor trailer at night and describe proper techniques for operation under extreme driving conditions.
  11. Describe how to safely handle and properly document cargo.
  12. Plan a trip and log hours of service for that trip.
  13. Pass the Pennsylvania State tests for Air Brakes, Combination Vehicles, Doubles & Triples, Tank Vehicles and Hazardous Materials.
  14. Prepare to pass the Pennsylvania State Commercial Driving test and earn a Class "A" Commercial Driver's License.


In 1986 Pennsylvania established the Commercial Driver Licensing Program. This program was developed to ensure that all drivers of a Commercial Vehicle throughout the United States have the skills to operate Commercial Vehicles.

At DCS, students will learn the theory of driving a truck, then put that theory into practice -- first in a sheltered yard environment, then on 2 and 4 lane roads under varying conditions. 


Students must complete the following on, or before the first day of class:

  1. Have an original BIRTH CERTIFICATE, US Passport, or other proof of US Citizenship.
  2. Be 18 years of age (21 years is required to drive between states).
  3. Take and pass a Department of Transportation "Commercial Driver's Physical" and provide the results to the school.
  4. Take and pass a Department of Transportation Drug Screen and provide the results to the school.
  5. Have a valid Class "A" Commercial Drivers Knowledge Test Authorization (The PERMIT is not required... only the Test Authorization)
  6. Provide to the school a 10 year Motor Vehicle Report.
    (Can be instantly purchased and printed by going to:
    http://www.dmv.state.pa.us/ and selecting the option for "Request Your Driver History")
  7. Must be able to communicate in English.
  8. Have had a regular driver's license for at least one year.


  1. No failed or refused drug or alcohol tests in the last three years.
  2. No reckless driving convictions in the last three years.
  3. No license suspension for points in the last three years.
  4. No more than three moving violations during the last year.
  5. No more than four moving violation and/or accidents during the last three years.
  6. No felony convictions within the last seven years, from the time restitution was completed.
  7. No controlled substance events in the past seven years.
  8. No DWI, DUI, BAC, or Open Container convictions in the last three years.  No multiple DWI, DUI, BAC, or Open Container convictions.

DCS School of Driving may require students who fall into any of these categories to find a company who is able to hire them upon graduation, before allowing them to enroll in the course.

DCS Driving School Phone: (717) 586-9648
Driving Your Future (717) 586-9648