The Classroom portion of this program is committed to teaching you the theory behind driving a truck.  You will then use this theory when you begin working on Yard Skills and Road Skills.

In the Classroom you will cover the following:

  1. Tractors
  2. Dashboard and Gauges
  3. PA Manual
    • General Knowledge
    • Air Brakes
    • Combination Vehicles
    • Doubles/Triples
    • Tankers
    • Hazardous Materials
  4. Putting the Truck in Motion
  5. Steering
  6. Backing
  7. Coupling and Uncoupling
  8. Vehicle Inspections
  9. Tires and Wheels
  10. Driving Techniques
  11. Safe Driving
  12. Driving Challenges
  13. Preventative Maintenance
  14. Cargo Documentation
  15. Loading, Securing, and Unloading Cargo
  16. Types of Trailers
  17. Specialized Rigs
  18. Refrigerated Trailers
  19. Handling Doubles and Triples
  20. Auxiliary Brakes
  21. Sliding Tandems/5th Wheel
  22. Economy Operating
  23. Accidents and Fires
  24. The Log Book
  25. Map Reading
  26. Getting a Job as a Driver
  27. The Driver's Life


You will be tested and graded on General Knowledge, Air Brakes, Combination Vehicles, Doubles/Triples, Tankers, and Hazardous Materials before taking the tests at the Drivers' Licensing Center.

 Additionally, Recruiters from major trucking companies are invited to share information on career opportunities during Classroom time.

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